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Download the latest Zibo release for X-Plane from the Zibo GoogleDrive.

ZiboMod 738

All You Need …


Large amount of Zibo compatible liveries to choose from. Also cabin and airstair texture.

Terrain Radar

Adds terrain radar feature to your Zibo and work on both displays independently.


Tablet for Zibo cockpit with full support for X-Plane’s VR mode and normal 2D mode.

Zibo Updater

Stand-alone, self contained tool, designed to simplify maintenance of your Zibo.

Better Pushback

Best pushback add-on out there for X-Plane. A must-have for your Zibo.


Add ground equipment for your Zibo airliner. Deluxe version include Set-Editor. (Payware)


Track your flights as a logbook regardless of simulator, Mac or PC.

FlyWith LUA

Use plugin for development, enhancement or optimization of X-Plane 11 with LUA-Scripts.

SimToolkit Pro

Personal logbook and flight plan system using navigation data supported through Navigraph.


Virtual flight planning service with integrated dispatch system.

Little Navmap

Flight planner, navigation tool, moving map, airport search and airport information system.

Ortho4 XP

Standalone program to generate photorealistic tiles from mapsources for X-Plane 11.


Simulates the Honeywell Runway Awareness and Advisory System​.

Charts & FMS Data


Charts are used professionally by major airlines around the world and are available to the flightsim community by Navigraph. Organize your flights with SID and STARs. Easy to find the suitable procedure for your Zibo flight. (Payware)

737 & 739

Ultimate Project

Team of amazing developers dedicated to create the most enjoyable and realistic versions of the 737NG series – for free. While the devs gladly accept donations, the 737NG project is and will stay free for everyone to download.

Powered by ZiboMod, Twkster, AXP, FlightDeck2Sim, JD, Fay.

Ultimate 737-700U Project

Download 737U

Liveries for 737-700U

Download liveries

Ultimate 737-900U Project

Download 739U

Liveries 737-900U

Download liveries

ZiboMod Gateway

737, 738 & 739

About Gateway

ZiboMod Gateway is created as a easy to use directory locating the ZiboMod and add-ons to use with it. The gateway will continue to be updated adding more add-ons.

NOTHING can be downloaded from the site. Links points directly towards the source of origin. All copyright belong to the respective author / owner.